A day in the arcade

Hello and good day everyone!

Did you miss me? 😄 I am sorry for not ‘blog hop-in’ to yours lately. I am now adjusting a new time for my routine. So my everyday’s life begins at 5 a.m and ended around 11p.m. Sometimes it dragged me until midnight when my little girl refused to sleep early.


The 18 to 19 hours routine is fully dedicated to my family and works only. I could only chip in times for reading and surfing, including writing blog. (Now I’m in the middle of getting ready to go to work). Where’s my spare time for crafting? That’s another story, I have been thinking to slow down and sacrifice my crafting time. I will only get to do craft ONLY during my FREE time, which is very hard to get. 😥

Therefore on weekend, I need a leisure time. At least a few hours go on outing with my family. Last weekend we brought Amani to the nearest arcade, Molly Fantasy Land at the BDC Everise building. While Amani and DearDear spent times at the arcade, I got the chance wandering around the Popular Bookstore.


Yeah, if you’re still remember I was hunting for birthday book. Got it! Will update about it later. When I returned to the arcade, I saw that both of them really enjoyed their times together.


Eheee… and not forgetting me. This car ride is fun! But my favourite is the basketball game. What about you guys? What’s your favourite game at the arcade?