Selfood moment

Hello friends and readers.

I confess, I like taking picture of food. I’m aware that some eyes were staring at me with annoyance, whenever I tried to take the picture of food on my table. I know, some people did upload on something about the fault on posting food pictures on facebook. I am sorry if the picture that I took could hurt some people feelings. Well, I have my own reason. It’s a habit! Just like when people taking a selfie at every place they go, or check-in on the fourthsquare, or updating status on their facebook, or…. posting lots and lots of religious advices, healthy tips, relationship goals on their wall. I think we all have the same habit! I could still enjoy seeing those pictures/stories from my wall. However, some people may not. I hope some of these narrow minded people would realised that they are sometimes very ‘annoying’ too. 

I have plenty of reasons on why I love taking ‘selfood’ (Selfie + food).

  • I love the food/dish that I’m having
  • I love the way it presented on my table
  • The food is yummy
  • I like food
  • I want to share the greatest food to other people as well
  • I’m helping the owner of the restaurant/shop/stall, the cook to promote their food
  • I love the art of food (some people may not understand this)
  • I’m motivating myself to master in cooking/baking someday 😁
  • Food on pictures are more tempting than hot body. muahahaha

There is no reason to show-off! 

“A good deed dies when it is spoken about” – Arab proverb

Enough nagging. 

Let me share with you my selfood moment. 😉

My favourite @ Sugar Bun

Fried Noodles @ The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah.

Madam Tangs Sarawak Laksa @ The Spring Food Bazaar

Nasi Ayam Penyet @ De Mona’s Cafe

Nasi Goreng Pattaya @ Dayang Salhah Cuisine.

Haircut and rewards….

Hi and good day my lovelies. 😍

Last Sunday Amani had her haircut at the saloon. This is her second time having haircut here. She still need to be rewarded if she could behave nicely and didn’t cry. 

Ta-da! She was enjoying getting pampered at the saloon. Often I caught she was smiling at herself in front of the mirror. Haha. So this is Amani’s new look. Looks more childish and her teachers called her Dora at school. lol 

And she had passed the test! She didn’t cry and behave herself. Here’s a reward for her. This girl is so easy to ‘pujuk’. You only need  to treat her with a fried chicken and an ice-cream. That would be enough to please her. 😁

Thank goodness she had a maximum good mood level that day. She even enjoyed my Dried Kolo Mee (Mi Kolok Kerin). I love the taste of Kolo Mee and the fried chickens are always da bomb! I bet you know where is this place. We were having dinner at The All Joy, Wisma Seberkas. I remember during my pregnant with Amani, DearDear used to ‘tapau’ the Fried Chicken for me. And we would eat it together during our after work driving to home. No wonder, Fried Chicken is Amani’s favourite food. Haha. 

Weekend with Maknek & Embah

Good day my lovely readers and my friends…

Saturday, as usual is my “Mentua Day”! Which means, we would spent the whole day at my parent in law house. 

Last Saturday, as we arrived at their house, we were greeted by this cutie Aiesya – Amani’s little cousin. My mother in law was babysitting her while her mama was on course that day. 

These girls really had fun together. Amani playing like a big sister while Aiesya is very clingy to her. They are growing so fast. I am sure they will laugh looking at these photos when they are big girls. 😍 

Hey lazy cacti lovers

Hello and morning everyone!

Some people have green fingers, some are not. Including me. My potted plants usually died. Therefore, I choose to grow cactis. They’re very simple and easy to take care. However, not all of my cactis grow well. Some has died. Perhaps I didn’t gave fully attention towards them.


But no worry. I have solution for cactus lovers like. If you are still love cactis, but lazy to nurture them…. these cactis are your option. Hehe. No watering needed, no soils needed. Lol! Furthermore, they’re very colourful. Hihi.

Now you can say you have fancy cactis as your collection. 😜

Pre-school workbook

Morning sunshine!


I found this pre-school workbook at the Popular Bookstore. It is a very good book for kids age 4-6. Amani loves doing the cut and paste activities and colouring, so I bought this book as her workbook.


The first task in this book is to connect the dot dot lines. I discovered she already knows how to connect the lines this year. Perhaps she learned it from school. The cut and paste activities are her most favourite thing to do.


The good thing about this book is, kids could learn maths as well. With this book, Amani likes to do her ‘homework’ everyday! Impressive! She had finished doing all the activities inside and asked me to buy another book. 😀

DIY Planner 2015

Hello lovelies! 😘


I always hunting for planners from the online shops and also from the bookstore. I was told to myself that one day I’ll buy one cute and fancy planner like the picture above. However, I did not buy any of them since I am so stingy with the price. Lol! 😁


Therefore, I decided to make my own DIY planner instead. Well, it wasn’t easy to find such fancy stationeries in my country. All we could find are some plain and boring stuff. One day, I saw the card holder folder at the bookstore. It only cost RM9.90. So I bought it and started my planner project.


Ta-da!!! Look how it has transform! 😄😄 Polkadots pattern is definitely my choice, with some blue lace to highlight the cover. Now, let peek into inside my planner.


Well, since I have just started using planner this month… there aren’t much to show yet. I’ll keep you updated. 😉

My total cost of DIY Planner is only RM15! Very worth it! 😄

Happy Posto February 2015 – Catch up

February is my favourite month. I know it’s March already, trying to catch up my happy posto on February 2015.


I received my first February mail from my pen pal, Chanae of California. As usual, she would spoilt me with those fancy stuff. I liked them very much. She also sent me a photo of some flowers from her garden. Lovely! 🌻


A birthday card from Akma. Luckily it didn’t lost since my last parcel for her had lost somewhere. Very frustrating with the post office services, especially at Peninsular Malaysia. Well thank you Ama, a very cute card. 🐸🐸


Last but not least,at the end of February I received a postcard from Thailand. It was from my blog friend Angela. It was a very thoughtful of her to send me the card during her short vacation at Patong Island. Thank you Angela! 😻

Flowers in the garden

Not exactly a garden… We do not have a garden, only some small space in front of the house.

My mom really have green fingers. Eveything she planted will blooms merrily. Hehe. 🌸🌸🌸


Here’s the prove! Clockwise from left to right:
1. Pink Hibiscus, I remember when I was child our front house had many types of hibiscus. 🌺

2. Red rose, my roses has died but this…. it had lived longer since few years ago. 🌹

3. Unknown, that day my mother told me this flower hasn’t bloom for so long. This year might be it’s year to bloom. Does anyone know the id of this flower? 🌳

4. Rosemary, see…. she really have green fingers… Magic fingers indeed! 💫


Well, perhaps gardening really requires magic hands. I am totally disqualified in this field. But never mind though, I have a garden fairy to take care of the plants. 👸