Flowers in the garden

Not exactly a garden… We do not have a garden, only some small space in front of the house.

My mom really have green fingers. Eveything she planted will blooms merrily. Hehe. 🌸🌸🌸


Here’s the prove! Clockwise from left to right:
1. Pink Hibiscus, I remember when I was child our front house had many types of hibiscus. 🌺

2. Red rose, my roses has died but this…. it had lived longer since few years ago. 🌹

3. Unknown, that day my mother told me this flower hasn’t bloom for so long. This year might be it’s year to bloom. Does anyone know the id of this flower? 🌳

4. Rosemary, see…. she really have green fingers… Magic fingers indeed! πŸ’«


Well, perhaps gardening really requires magic hands. I am totally disqualified in this field. But never mind though, I have a garden fairy to take care of the plants. πŸ‘Έ


6 thoughts on “Flowers in the garden

  1. I hope for a garden some day. For now I am happy with a mini garden of potted plants in my house. I also need to learn from my mum.

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