DIY Planner 2015

Hello lovelies! 😘


I always hunting for planners from the online shops and also from the bookstore. I was told to myself that one day I’ll buy one cute and fancy planner like the picture above. However, I did not buy any of them since I am so stingy with the price. Lol! 😁


Therefore, I decided to make my own DIY planner instead. Well, it wasn’t easy to find such fancy stationeries in my country. All we could find are some plain and boring stuff. One day, I saw the card holder folder at the bookstore. It only cost RM9.90. So I bought it and started my planner project.


Ta-da!!! Look how it has transform! 😄😄 Polkadots pattern is definitely my choice, with some blue lace to highlight the cover. Now, let peek into inside my planner.


Well, since I have just started using planner this month… there aren’t much to show yet. I’ll keep you updated. 😉

My total cost of DIY Planner is only RM15! Very worth it! 😄

12 thoughts on “DIY Planner 2015

  1. So beautiful!!!! I buy those business card albums too – to hold my hotel key card collection. All black, so boring. Maybe I should send to you and ask you to make them look so nice as well. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. Wah! Kate Spade planner! I want too.

    Used to write in a planner but now lesser and lesser. Just put everything in reminder or to-do list in my phone. Haha.

    Lovely diy planner, Azura! Very vibrant and exciting planner.

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