Haircut and rewards….

Hi and good day my lovelies. 😍

Last Sunday Amani had her haircut at the saloon. This is her second time having haircut here. She still need to be rewarded if she could behave nicely and didn’t cry. 

Ta-da! She was enjoying getting pampered at the saloon. Often I caught she was smiling at herself in front of the mirror. Haha. So this is Amani’s new look. Looks more childish and her teachers called her Dora at school. lol 

And she had passed the test! She didn’t cry and behave herself. Here’s a reward for her. This girl is so easy to ‘pujuk’. You only need  to treat her with a fried chicken and an ice-cream. That would be enough to please her. 😁

Thank goodness she had a maximum good mood level that day. She even enjoyed my Dried Kolo Mee (Mi Kolok Kerin). I love the taste of Kolo Mee and the fried chickens are always da bomb! I bet you know where is this place. We were having dinner at The All Joy, Wisma Seberkas. I remember during my pregnant with Amani, DearDear used to ‘tapau’ the Fried Chicken for me. And we would eat it together during our after work driving to home. No wonder, Fried Chicken is Amani’s favourite food. Haha. 

5 thoughts on “Haircut and rewards….

  1. It has been ages since I dined in All Joy! Loved its nasi lemak. Never try its kolok mee before.

    Indeed Amani looks like Dora. Haha. Cute.

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