Selfood moment

Hello friends and readers.

I confess, I like taking picture of food. I’m aware that some eyes were staring at me with annoyance, whenever I tried to take the picture of food on my table. I know, some people did upload on something about the fault on posting food pictures on facebook. I am sorry if the picture that I took could hurt some people feelings. Well, I have my own reason. It’s a habit! Just like when people taking a selfie at every place they go, or check-in on the fourthsquare, or updating status on their facebook, or…. posting lots and lots of religious advices, healthy tips, relationship goals on their wall. I think we all have the same habit! I could still enjoy seeing those pictures/stories from my wall. However, some people may not. I hope some of these narrow minded people would realised that they are sometimes very ‘annoying’ too. 

I have plenty of reasons on why I love taking ‘selfood’ (Selfie + food).

  • I love the food/dish that I’m having
  • I love the way it presented on my table
  • The food is yummy
  • I like food
  • I want to share the greatest food to other people as well
  • I’m helping the owner of the restaurant/shop/stall, the cook to promote their food
  • I love the art of food (some people may not understand this)
  • I’m motivating myself to master in cooking/baking someday 😁
  • Food on pictures are more tempting than hot body. muahahaha

There is no reason to show-off! 

“A good deed dies when it is spoken about” – Arab proverb

Enough nagging. 

Let me share with you my selfood moment. 😉

My favourite @ Sugar Bun

Fried Noodles @ The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah.

Madam Tangs Sarawak Laksa @ The Spring Food Bazaar

Nasi Ayam Penyet @ De Mona’s Cafe

Nasi Goreng Pattaya @ Dayang Salhah Cuisine.