Selfood moment

Hello friends and readers.

I confess, I like taking picture of food. I’m aware that some eyes were staring at me with annoyance, whenever I tried to take the picture of food on my table. I know, some people did upload on something about the fault on posting food pictures on facebook. I am sorry if the picture that I took could hurt some people feelings. Well, I have my own reason. It’s a habit! Just like when people taking a selfie at every place they go, or check-in on the fourthsquare, or updating status on their facebook, or…. posting lots and lots of religious advices, healthy tips, relationship goals on their wall. I think we all have the same habit! I could still enjoy seeing those pictures/stories from my wall. However, some people may not. I hope some of these narrow minded people would realised that they are sometimes very ‘annoying’ too. 

I have plenty of reasons on why I love taking ‘selfood’ (Selfie + food).

  • I love the food/dish that I’m having
  • I love the way it presented on my table
  • The food is yummy
  • I like food
  • I want to share the greatest food to other people as well
  • I’m helping the owner of the restaurant/shop/stall, the cook to promote their food
  • I love the art of food (some people may not understand this)
  • I’m motivating myself to master in cooking/baking someday 😁
  • Food on pictures are more tempting than hot body. muahahaha

There is no reason to show-off! 

“A good deed dies when it is spoken about” – Arab proverb

Enough nagging. 

Let me share with you my selfood moment. 😉

My favourite @ Sugar Bun

Fried Noodles @ The Food Gallery, Tun Jugah.

Madam Tangs Sarawak Laksa @ The Spring Food Bazaar

Nasi Ayam Penyet @ De Mona’s Cafe

Nasi Goreng Pattaya @ Dayang Salhah Cuisine.

10 thoughts on “Selfood moment

  1. Like the wedding dinner I went to (today’s post), an ex-colleague at the same table made a nasty sarcastic remark when I took photos of the food (3rd dish, 2nd was the not-to-be-mentioned soup so I gave it a miss)…so I did not bother to do so anymore the rest of the evening. So pissed off, spoilt my whole evening, no mood anymore! And I am not like some who take a long time, I just simply click one, very fast…and all ex-colleagues at the same table, not people we did not know. Just can’t stand some people…,

  2. Other than my family and places I visited, next most photo taken by me would be food. Yes. Food is so easy to take too. Not like human especially kids that are hard to control and could not stand for a second. Places are a memory to treasure. As for food, everyone can associated with it in any way.

    Lets us selfood together!! A new word learnt today.

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