Selfood #5 : Local 

Good day my lovely friends and readers…

Here I’d like to share with you a very cute Kuih Sepit. Pinky! This was an ‘ole-ole’ from Emielyn when she was having vacation at Mukah last week. Although I’ve been growing up in Mukah before, this is the first time I saw the pink Kuih Sepit. A traditional Melanau’s food. Perhaps this kuih has been commercialised, that’s why they add colours to the kuih. The original kuih is in brown colour. Thanks Emie!


And this is ‘Aiskrim Gula Apong’, a treat from Ain. We had this ice-cream in our office. This is my first time trying it. They said they bought it from stall at the Kapit Hotel, here in town. We were chose oreo and cornflakes topping. Yumm! But I do still prefer vanilla flavour instead. 

Selfood #4 : Potato Story

Hello lovelies ❤️

This is my latest ‘temptation’ a.ka. “Perasaan Ketam” The fries from Potato Story booth. You can choose your own topping/gravy. They are spicy, seaweed, palin, mayo and this one I chose Cheezy Cheese topping. Amani loves it too. 

And there is a redeem card. Might be useful for me since I am addicted to this fries. There are several outlets in Kuching. The one that I went was at EG Mall. 

Majlis Makan Malam @ Pullman Hotel

Last Wednesday, me and my colleagues attended a Majlis Makan Malam Hari Ibu & Bapa 2015 at Pullman. 

Enjoy! If I was to described the moment that night. It was our first dinner together for this year. Food were ok. 


The most enjoyable moment was when our beloved Chief Minister performed five songs for us. Very sporting! There was also Bob, performing some songs. Hopefully there will be more function like this in future.  

#tbt : Childhood Game

Throwback Thursday!

How many of  you have played this game before? This is one of my favourite childhood game. We called it ‘Cengkek’. In Peninsular Malaysia, they called it ‘Teng Teng’. In English, I just learned it from my sister that this game is called ‘Hopscotch’.

Whatever it is call, this game is so much fun. We used to draw the lines on the  road using chalks. Back in those days, we the childrens were so creative. We create our own game, no need gadget to install the games. I bet kids from new generation have no idea about this game. 

Selfood moment #3: Cafe Rumah Hijau

The first time I went to the Cafe Rumah Hijau was around last month. I was craving for Nasi Ayam Penyet and heard that Rumah Hijau has the best Nasi Ayam Penyet in town.


So I went to have dinner there. When I arrived, the staff told me the Nasi Ayam Penyet only served on daytime. At night they would served Western Cuisines. A bit frustrated then, so I ordered Grilled Chicken Chop instead. Well, the taste was quite good compared to the one that I ordered from Sharing Planet. I love the soft mashed potato, the fresh salad and the juicy chicken meat.  Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this menu. 


I love the concept of decorations in Rumah Hijau. It made us feels like at home. Amani enjoying the nook where she loves to sit and lie down. Lol. 


Last two weeks, I went again to Cafe Rumah Hijau with my girlfriends to celebrate Emie’s birthday. This time, we were having lunch and definitely tried out the Nasi Ayam Penyet. This plate was served to us. I wasn’t satisfied with the presentation and the sambal was too sweet rather than spicy. I couldn’t stand spicy food, however I managed to eat the sambal. Meaning that the sambal is not spicy. Despite the sambal, I love the chicken. They put so much ‘rempah’ which added extra taste to the chicken. Overall, I could only give 3 stars for this menu. 

Escape #2: Sematan Beach

Happy Monday everyone!  


Let me serve your eyes with this beautiful view. This is at Sematan Palm Beach Resort. My first time went to this resort. 


Last weekend, my mother in law invited us to spend our weekend getaway at The Sematan Palm Beach Resort. It was a last minute plan actually. We arrived at Sematan around 5pm. 


These two kids were the happiest to see the beach. Amani, as usual being a super hygenic only stand and enjoying the wind. While Aiesya, loves every bits of the moment. She explores the sand, the water and finally her trouser went away. Lol! 


The beach is still untouched and clean. Compared to the beaches in Kuching. Perhaps planning an overnight stay in future. That’s my mother in law and DearDear’s grandmother. 


From the picture above, you can see the Pulau Talang-Talang. That was where DearDear’s grandmother worked before. I bet there are still turtles around the island.  

Floating Book Fair

Hello my friends and readers.

Have you ever heard of a floating book fair? It was my first time, indeed.


All this while I only heard people talking about the book fair in a ship. It was held every year in a vessel called Logos Hope. However, I only had a chance to go inside the Logos Hope last week. 


Over 5,000 books offered in this book fair. I love the children section. They have so many selections and cost not more than RM20! I never thought that I would attracted to the books. My mistake that day was not bringing more money. Therefore I only bought two books and three postcards only. Sigh~


Okay, the Friendship Bracelet book is for me. 😜 Only the Brilliant Bumper Activities for Amani. Lol! 


While me and my friends browsing around the books, some of us went crazily taking selfies. Lol! Always bring book lovers to go to the book fair. Otherwise, you would feel like being chased by someone. I only managed to do a quick scan at some shelfs. I’ll definitely will come again. Perhaps, bringing along Amani. 


In case you want to have an experience on floating book fair, then hurry you go. It will last until 29/4/2015.