Floating Book Fair

Hello my friends and readers.

Have you ever heard of a floating book fair? It was my first time, indeed.


All this while I only heard people talking about the book fair in a ship. It was held every year in a vessel called Logos Hope. However, I only had a chance to go inside the Logos Hope last week. 


Over 5,000 books offered in this book fair. I love the children section. They have so many selections and cost not more than RM20! I never thought that I would attracted to the books. My mistake that day was not bringing more money. Therefore I only bought two books and three postcards only. Sigh~


Okay, the Friendship Bracelet book is for me. 😜 Only the Brilliant Bumper Activities for Amani. Lol! 


While me and my friends browsing around the books, some of us went crazily taking selfies. Lol! Always bring book lovers to go to the book fair. Otherwise, you would feel like being chased by someone. I only managed to do a quick scan at some shelfs. I’ll definitely will come again. Perhaps, bringing along Amani. 


In case you want to have an experience on floating book fair, then hurry you go. It will last until 29/4/2015.

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