Escape #2: Sematan Beach

Happy Monday everyone!  


Let me serve your eyes with this beautiful view. This is at Sematan Palm Beach Resort. My first time went to this resort. 


Last weekend, my mother in law invited us to spend our weekend getaway at The Sematan Palm Beach Resort. It was a last minute plan actually. We arrived at Sematan around 5pm. 


These two kids were the happiest to see the beach. Amani, as usual being a super hygenic only stand and enjoying the wind. While Aiesya, loves every bits of the moment. She explores the sand, the water and finally her trouser went away. Lol! 


The beach is still untouched and clean. Compared to the beaches in Kuching. Perhaps planning an overnight stay in future. That’s my mother in law and DearDear’s grandmother. 


From the picture above, you can see the Pulau Talang-Talang. That was where DearDear’s grandmother worked before. I bet there are still turtles around the island.  


9 thoughts on “Escape #2: Sematan Beach

  1. Sematan is better and cleaner than Damai. I been to Palm Resort. Just a walk around. Did not stay there.

    Lovely snaps.

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