#tbt : Childhood Game

Throwback Thursday!

How many of  you have played this game before? This is one of my favourite childhood game. We called it ‘Cengkek’. In Peninsular Malaysia, they called it ‘Teng Teng’. In English, I just learned it from my sister that this game is called ‘Hopscotch’.

Whatever it is call, this game is so much fun. We used to draw the lines on the  road using chalks. Back in those days, we the childrens were so creative. We create our own game, no need gadget to install the games. I bet kids from new generation have no idea about this game. 

8 thoughts on “#tbt : Childhood Game

  1. Hopscotch. My kids know the game and can play. Learnt from Disney channel. Haha. But really, hardly see kids play this game nowadays.

  2. Hi Azura Chan! Hehe.

    Didn’t get to play this one a lot in my kampung. Although we did play the jumping rope, main guli, layang-layang, and so much more, I’m sure you know a lot too hehe.

    Well, it’s good that your little one got a chance to play this game, ‘Hopscotch’. By the way, that’s the first time I heard that name lol.

    Anyways, happy Tuesday tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Well, that is because you are a boy. This game mostly played by girls by then. Hehe. Yeha, me too just learned the English word is Hopscotch. Hahaha…

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