Pyssla Beads

Hello lovelies! 🌺


If you remember my previous teaser, about Amani’s Teacher’s Day gift. No, no that wasn’t for eat. It wasn’t something like Aiskrim Pasu. hehe. They were made from Pyssla Beads. I bought this beads at Ikea, almost 2 years ago. Haha. I only had chance to explore and played with this beads now. Since it is not suitable for children below 3 years old, so I just keep it before.

There are many tutorials on how to design this beads. Some call it Hamas Beads or Perler Beads. They have different colour as well. But What I found in Malaysia is only Pyssla Beads. Playing with this beads were so mich fun. Mind you, it took a lot of patience too. If you love them, it could be addictive. 


From this, I had an idea of making the gifts from pyssla beads. I made cactuses, because I like cactus. Hehe. Took some paper cups, put the aquarium stones inside and lastly place the cactuses on it. Looks like something delicious right? Lol. 

Drama drama…

Yesterday I didn’t go to work, because Amani made a ‘drama’. She refused to go to school and latched her hands and feets on the bedpost. She cried and pleaded to me that she didn’t want to go to school. 😀 Deardear is currently outstation, I have no will to fight the drama. In the end, I also ponteng. Haish. 

How do you deal with this kind of situation? 

Amani is sometimes a drama ‘little queen’ hehe. I became weak if she started to cry. Hmm… 

When she’s rajin (hardworking)….


And when she’s laazy…. 


How to be a strict mother? 

Selfood #6 : Sweet Tooth

Hiya! 🐸

How do you treat yourself when you are in the mood of ‘sweet tooth’?

Again. I’m promoting this Aiskrim Gula Apong to you. It does taste good! Cost only RM2. There are few toppings to be choose: Oreo, Cornflakes, Oat/Nestum and Peanuts. I choose all of them. Lol! Jom, let’s try this. (the stall is located at the Kapit Hotel, Padungan area).

People said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Unfortunately, I always judging food & beverage by it’s presentation. How could you resist this Lady. This is called Lavender Lady. Taste of yam and grenadine… I like it! I saw it first from Suituapui’s blog and then I went straight to SCR Xpress to order this drink. Yumm! πŸ˜‹

Crafty Weekend

Hola! 🌺

On weekend, as I browsing the Pinterest, I saw one tutorial on how to make flower using cupcake wraps. I asked Amani to join, and so we started to make the flowers.

I never thought it was easy peasy to do this. Look, Amani can do it herself. Please ignore the crumpled paper on the stick. It was Amani’s handmade flower. I loves seeing the imperfect result of what she did. That’s her hardwork. She also added a ladybird on the stem. And the jug also, she took it from her toys bucket. Cute! 


She told me this bouquet was called “Flower untuk NekMak” (Flower for grandmother). How sweet. πŸ’ This could be an idea for making gift on the Teacher’s Day celebration this Saturday! 

Here’s a tutorial I got it from Pinterest. At first glance, you may think they are real flowers right? So don’t waste any cupcake wraps, and start making a bouquet of flower from it. Good luck! πŸ˜‰

Love our parents

One morning, as I was washing the dishes at the kitchen, I was distracted by the chirping sounds of the small birds outside my house. Then I stop and continue observing the birds.

I called Amani and asked her to watch the birds. From what I observed, the little birds called their mom. Probably they’re hungry. And then came the mom and dad (My guess), the mom fed her children. Then I saw one bird, perhaps their dad just stayed there like guarding them. That was how I created a story to Amani. She asked me why the baby birds were so noisy? I told her, “just like you. Sometimes you were impatient to get something you want, and then you keep complaining why this why that. Now look at their Mama. No matter how noisy her babies are, she would try her best to find what they want. ” Lol! I hope she learned something from what she saw. 

“Never complain about what your parents couldn’t give you. It was probably all they had.” 

My bracelets

Hello lovelies…🌸

Me and bracelets can’t be separated. I couldn’t go out with bare arms. At least one bracelet and I would feel confident to go out. And this has become my addiction too. I would buy new bracelet whenever I spot any fancy or beautiful one. Sometimes I made it myself.

I would choose simple designs. I don’t fancy gold. These are my favourites so far. I wore them daily. The first style, sometimes I prefer to be simple and plain. The second style, if you spot the maroon bracelet. The first time I saw it, I just grab and pay to the counter. Hehe. Lastly the third style, another new bracelet that I bought recently. Cost only RM1.50 πŸ˜„


This little bracelet belongs to Amani. I made one for her. She loves to wear accessories sometimes. ☺️ 

My weekend in pictures

Hello and good day everyone.

I bet everyone had a lovely weekend with the love ones. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom all around the world.

On Saturday, me and Amani had messed around in the kitchen. There are leftover stick biscuits and some cooking chocolate. I taught her to dip the biscuits into melting chocolate, and then transfered them into a case with sprinkles. She loves doing it, especially adding the sprinkles. Some of them caught in her mouth. Ahaha. 

I’m glad that she loves doing this. She served the biscuits to her cousins, uncles, aunts and her grandparents. I already thinking to make another choco biscuit like this for this coming Raya. 

This book made me attached until 2 a.m. I have forced myself to finish the book because it was a very good book. I love it to the max! hehe. 

And yesterday, we went to the Pasar Stutong Community parking space to watch the flying kites. I never knew that this place is so interesting to sit around and watched the kites. Amani was the one who gets very excited and she would want one of the kite as well. Now, it leaves me to think where to find the kite for her. huhu.