Hello Lovelies.. 🌵

This is Sayuri. Loves the leaves are getting fat! Hehe. Last month, I bought the small white stones at the aquarium shop. They are normally for decorating the aquarium. I bought them to decorate my cactuses. Voila, my cactus looks outstanding with the stones. 

And Amani also lending her hands to help me. She was the one who decorate Yabuki. This cactus belongs to DearDear. She also insisted to put the drink stirrers on both of the cactuses. Great! Now they looks like tempting drinks. 💖

While some of my cactuses grew healthier, Lara Jean looks like it’s needed an extra attention. It’s become thinner and bold. This succulent was bought from Cameron Highlands, losing it might turn me into a Godzilla. Lol! Therefore, I asked some sifus in the Malaysian Gardeners group about it. They told me to put it under the sun instead of keeping it in the shades. 

So there goes my everyday duties. I would put them into trays and let them sunbathing. Thanks to the weather nowadays, hot weather is good for them. I’ve been sunbathed them since last week, I already saw some improvement with Lara Jean. Her leaves getting fatter. Will update soon with their latest condition. 

p/s : Seems like my cactuses has their own name. Hehe. Love naming them. They are my pets. 😻