Escape #3 : Santubong & Damai beach

Wake up! Holiday is over! 😁

What are your doing during the long break?

   Well, last week DearDear’s aunt and her family (from Kuala Lumpur) came to Kuching for a visit. It was the first time for her grand daughter to come here. She is 7 months and very clever. Since they were here, my mother in-law rented a resthouse at JKR Banglo, Santubong. The name made me think it is like a concrete bungalow. Indeed, it was an old wooden house surrounded by the coconut trees and facing a beach.


Since the gate to the beach is locked, we decided to drive to Damai Beach for bringing the kids strolling along the seashore. Look at Baby Hana, she couldn’t wait to play in the water. While Amani needed more time to warm up. I let her played with the sand first, and she told me she didn’t afraid of the sand anymore. To my surprise, she insisted to get in the water with Baby Hana. 


There she goes… First time playing in the water. Well done, my girl. Now mama can relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Next time, I can join them splashing around in the water lah! Lol! However, there was a problem when she was really enjoyed the moment. She refused to go home. I have to let DearDear to carry her from the beach. Sigh 😅

We didn’t stayed overnight that day, so we went to have dinner at Sukhumvit Restaurant. A Thai’s cuisines. Not my liking, since I can not accept spicy food. All I can eat was plain rice and fried egg. 😭 But it was a good place to bring guests from Peninsular Malaysia to come here. 

We headed to our own destination after that. The three of us sleeping like a stranded whale. lol! 


5 thoughts on “Escape #3 : Santubong & Damai beach

  1. Never heard of that Thai restaurant before but I knew the name as one of the famous roads in Bangkok. ^^

    It was a great weekend. Will blog about my beach get away later.

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