It’s always been in my dream to have a comfy shoes. The moment I saw Toms shoe, especially the floral pattern, I have keep in mind that one day I’m going to buy myself a pair of Toms. 

Here’s Toms. I found it at the bundle from USA shop at The Hills. I was so thrilled to see it and it was ‘cun-cun’ my size. And it was still in a good condition. I paid the shoes only for RM8! To make the story longer, after paying the shoes, I left it on the counter. It made me miserable for awhile. After work, I went again and asked the owner about the shoes. “Luckily you come back!” she told me. Yeah, am so lucky!! 

I guessed the shoes and me are destined to be together. Here’s me, taking a shoefie with Toms. I love you Toms… now it’d became my trusted walking companion. 👣


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