My weekend in pictures

Hello and good day everyone.

I bet everyone had a lovely weekend with the love ones. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom all around the world.

On Saturday, me and Amani had messed around in the kitchen. There are leftover stick biscuits and some cooking chocolate. I taught her to dip the biscuits into melting chocolate, and then transfered them into a case with sprinkles. She loves doing it, especially adding the sprinkles. Some of them caught in her mouth. Ahaha. 

I’m glad that she loves doing this. She served the biscuits to her cousins, uncles, aunts and her grandparents. I already thinking to make another choco biscuit like this for this coming Raya. 

This book made me attached until 2 a.m. I have forced myself to finish the book because it was a very good book. I love it to the max! hehe. 

And yesterday, we went to the Pasar Stutong Community parking space to watch the flying kites. I never knew that this place is so interesting to sit around and watched the kites. Amani was the one who gets very excited and she would want one of the kite as well. Now, it leaves me to think where to find the kite for her. huhu.


5 thoughts on “My weekend in pictures

  1. Oh. Now Stutong is buzz with kites?? Used to be at the small park in Jln Song but I am not sure there is still anyone flying kites there.

    Lovely dipping. I would want a bite too.

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