My bracelets

Hello lovelies…🌸

Me and bracelets can’t be separated. I couldn’t go out with bare arms. At least one bracelet and I would feel confident to go out. And this has become my addiction too. I would buy new bracelet whenever I spot any fancy or beautiful one. Sometimes I made it myself.

I would choose simple designs. I don’t fancy gold. These are my favourites so far. I wore them daily. The first style, sometimes I prefer to be simple and plain. The second style, if you spot the maroon bracelet. The first time I saw it, I just grab and pay to the counter. Hehe. Lastly the third style, another new bracelet that I bought recently. Cost only RM1.50 😄


This little bracelet belongs to Amani. I made one for her. She loves to wear accessories sometimes. ☺️