Love our parents

One morning, as I was washing the dishes at the kitchen, I was distracted by the chirping sounds of the small birds outside my house. Then I stop and continue observing the birds.

I called Amani and asked her to watch the birds. From what I observed, the little birds called their mom. Probably they’re hungry. And then came the mom and dad (My guess), the mom fed her children. Then I saw one bird, perhaps their dad just stayed there like guarding them. That was how I created a story to Amani. She asked me why the baby birds were so noisy? I told her, “just like you. Sometimes you were impatient to get something you want, and then you keep complaining why this why that. Now look at their Mama. No matter how noisy her babies are, she would try her best to find what they want. ” Lol! I hope she learned something from what she saw. 

“Never complain about what your parents couldn’t give you. It was probably all they had.” 


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