Drama drama…

Yesterday I didn’t go to work, because Amani made a ‘drama’. She refused to go to school and latched her hands and feets on the bedpost. She cried and pleaded to me that she didn’t want to go to school. 😤 Deardear is currently outstation, I have no will to fight the drama. In the end, I also ponteng. Haish. 

How do you deal with this kind of situation? 

Amani is sometimes a drama ‘little queen’ hehe. I became weak if she started to cry. Hmm… 

When she’s rajin (hardworking)….


And when she’s laazy…. 


How to be a strict mother? 


14 thoughts on “Drama drama…

  1. Maybe when she has calmed down, ask her why she behaves like that. There may be a reason – a very fierce teacher, bullying in school, did not do her work…and talk nicely about why it is important that she should go to school. Cannot ponteng ponteng – it will grow…like a cancer and you will have a BIG problem in your hands. Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind…

  2. Need to be very strict with her. Maybe you have a talk with her. Why does she not want go to school? Explain the fun things about school.

  3. I think part of it is the age also – nothing much to worry about. I also read that children are very good at testing boundaries so that could be a reason too.

    Take care Azura!

    • Perhaps. But I’m planning to transfer her to other nursery if she still continue like this. Seems like she had lost interest going to school.

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