Love our parents

One morning, as I was washing the dishes at the kitchen, I was distracted by the chirping sounds of the small birds outside my house. Then I stop and continue observing the birds.

I called Amani and asked her to watch the birds. From what I observed, the little birds called their mom. Probably they’re hungry. And then came the mom and dad (My guess), the mom fed her children. Then I saw one bird, perhaps their dad just stayed there like guarding them. That was how I created a story to Amani. She asked me why the baby birds were so noisy? I told her, “just like you. Sometimes you were impatient to get something you want, and then you keep complaining why this why that. Now look at their Mama. No matter how noisy her babies are, she would try her best to find what they want. ” Lol! I hope she learned something from what she saw. 

“Never complain about what your parents couldn’t give you. It was probably all they had.” 

My bracelets

Hello lovelies…🌸

Me and bracelets can’t be separated. I couldn’t go out with bare arms. At least one bracelet and I would feel confident to go out. And this has become my addiction too. I would buy new bracelet whenever I spot any fancy or beautiful one. Sometimes I made it myself.

I would choose simple designs. I don’t fancy gold. These are my favourites so far. I wore them daily. The first style, sometimes I prefer to be simple and plain. The second style, if you spot the maroon bracelet. The first time I saw it, I just grab and pay to the counter. Hehe. Lastly the third style, another new bracelet that I bought recently. Cost only RM1.50 πŸ˜„


This little bracelet belongs to Amani. I made one for her. She loves to wear accessories sometimes. ☺️ 

My weekend in pictures

Hello and good day everyone.

I bet everyone had a lovely weekend with the love ones. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom all around the world.

On Saturday, me and Amani had messed around in the kitchen. There are leftover stick biscuits and some cooking chocolate. I taught her to dip the biscuits into melting chocolate, and then transfered them into a case with sprinkles. She loves doing it, especially adding the sprinkles. Some of them caught in her mouth. Ahaha. 

I’m glad that she loves doing this. She served the biscuits to her cousins, uncles, aunts and her grandparents. I already thinking to make another choco biscuit like this for this coming Raya. 

This book made me attached until 2 a.m. I have forced myself to finish the book because it was a very good book. I love it to the max! hehe. 

And yesterday, we went to the Pasar Stutong Community parking space to watch the flying kites. I never knew that this place is so interesting to sit around and watched the kites. Amani was the one who gets very excited and she would want one of the kite as well. Now, it leaves me to think where to find the kite for her. huhu.

Happy Posto May 2015

Hello everyone. How have you been today?

Yesterday, I received a mail from my pen pal of Bangkok, Thailand. Her name was Beam. She is my one and only pen pal from Thailand.

As usual, my pen pal loves to spoil me. The postcard is so cute, she also gaved me a handkerchief. Thank you, Beam. 😘

Anyone wants to be my pen pal. So far I only have two pen pals. The rest, missing in action. huhu. πŸ˜…


It’s always been in my dream to have a comfy shoes. The moment I saw Toms shoe, especially the floral pattern, I have keep in mind that one day I’m going to buy myself a pair of Toms. 

Here’s Toms. I found it at the bundle from USA shop at The Hills. I was so thrilled to see it and it was ‘cun-cun’ my size. And it was still in a good condition. I paid the shoes only for RM8! To make the story longer, after paying the shoes, I left it on the counter. It made me miserable for awhile. After work, I went again and asked the owner about the shoes. “Luckily you come back!” she told me. Yeah, am so lucky!! 

I guessed the shoes and me are destined to be together. Here’s me, taking a shoefie with Toms. I love you Toms… now it’d became my trusted walking companion. πŸ‘£

DIY Grass Hair

Moshi moshi minna san! 

Currently this is my latest addiction. DIY Grass Hair. Seldom we saw this type of Grass Hair with brown head. But this time, it’s on froggy head! I couldn’t resist no more. I bought it at Mr. DIY superstore. So there is simple instruction at the box. Just followed the instruction and….

It tooks only one day to grow the grass. Isn’t he cute? Well, I’m a bit frustrated because the froggy is different from the picture on the box. Never mind though, he’s still cute to me. I may call him Spikey! 

Escape #3 : Santubong & Damai beach

Wake up! Holiday is over! 😁

What are your doing during the long break?

   Well, last week DearDear’s aunt and her family (from Kuala Lumpur) came to Kuching for a visit. It was the first time for her grand daughter to come here. She is 7 months and very clever. Since they were here, my mother in-law rented a resthouse at JKR Banglo, Santubong. The name made me think it is like a concrete bungalow. Indeed, it was an old wooden house surrounded by the coconut trees and facing a beach.


Since the gate to the beach is locked, we decided to drive to Damai Beach for bringing the kids strolling along the seashore. Look at Baby Hana, she couldn’t wait to play in the water. While Amani needed more time to warm up. I let her played with the sand first, and she told me she didn’t afraid of the sand anymore. To my surprise, she insisted to get in the water with Baby Hana. 


There she goes… First time playing in the water. Well done, my girl. Now mama can relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Next time, I can join them splashing around in the water lah! Lol! However, there was a problem when she was really enjoyed the moment. She refused to go home. I have to let DearDear to carry her from the beach. Sigh πŸ˜…

We didn’t stayed overnight that day, so we went to have dinner at Sukhumvit Restaurant. A Thai’s cuisines. Not my liking, since I can not accept spicy food. All I can eat was plain rice and fried egg. 😭 But it was a good place to bring guests from Peninsular Malaysia to come here. 

We headed to our own destination after that. The three of us sleeping like a stranded whale. lol!