Selfood #7 : Pizza Ria

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! 

Happy Gawai for those who celebrates. Happy holiday for those who spending their quality time. 

Recently I was catching up myself to complete my ‘puasa ganti’ before the real fasting month (Ramadhan) is coming. Well, as you know… when fasting, the level of ‘cravingness’ is on top of the list! Lol!

Last week I was craving for this Pizza & Spaghetti from Pizza Ria. How many of you knew about this place. It was the first local pizza in Kuching that served pizza with gravy. The first time I tried this pizza was when me and DearDear were still ‘friends’. Hehe. They still had their shop under the Satok Bridge back then. It was before Kubah Ria was build. So last week we went to their stall, the taste still not much different from the last time. 100% satisfied!

I also ordered this Bandung susu. It was nice and ‘kaw’ hehe. For your information, that was our first time went to Kubah Ria. Hehe. 


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