My weekend in pictures – June 2015

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Last weekend, I attended my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony, solemnization started on Friday.

My cousin is the bride, Liza and she looks so beautiful that day. The solemnization ceremony was held in the bride’s house. 

Since it was happened on working Friday, I had to take leave that day. Amani was so happy that day, because she got to meet her cousin Damia. So there were many relatives comes all the way from Sibu. 

Here is Amani and Damia. Just become ‘geng’. 

On Saturday night, the reception was held at Dewan Hikmah. My cousin had a gold & black theme that night. While the relatives of the bride side wore green. 

I think it’s kind of today’s wedding trend, they prepared a photo booth at the back of the hall. And I wouldn’t want to miss taking the props and took picture at the booth. Well, we left early that night due to Amani sulking in the middle of the function. I guess night time occassion is still no no for kids because they tend to get cranky and misbehave when they are sleepy. Huhu.


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