Purple pansies

Assalamualaikum, moshi moshi minna san!


I can say it’s spring season in Malaysia. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Including this flower at the backyard of my house. These are pansies. My mother told me some people call it Bunga Kerak Nasi. I just love to see them blooming beautifully.

I also have this colour. When I browsed from the internet, there are many types of pansy. I’m looking for pink pansy. If you have one, I’d love to have the seeds. Hehe. Amd yeah, we could trade! But first you have to teach me how to get the seeds. lol! 😜


6 thoughts on “Purple pansies

  1. I never see a pink pansy before. I love to look at the white and purple pansies. My kids’ ex-nanny grows them and everytime I dropped my kids at her house I like to admire at her pansies and other flowers.

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