Beautiful Blogger Award

Assalamualaikum, how are you my lovely friends and readers.

Thanks to Norelannie, for nominating me the Beautiful Blogger Award! It’s been awhile since I received any blog nimination. πŸ˜†

Here are the rules. Share 7 facts about yourself, nominate another 7 friends and inform them being awarded. Ok, let’s see the 7 facts of me…

7 facts of me:

1. Book addict. I could read three books at a time and end up miserably confused about which characters on which books. Lol! 

2. Prefer lip gloss than lipstick. Eventhough Taylor Swift is wearing matte red lipstick, I’m still stick to applying lip gloss. 

3. Lefthanded. The reason why I’m clumsy. And special! 😁

4. Love cactus. Newbie but I already have been dreaming to build a cactus garden. 

5. I love FROGGY! Especially the Kerokerokerokeroppi character. 

6. Bubbly mama. To a little drama queen. πŸ˜…

7. Angel in disguise. Lol!! 

Now, the 7 nominations goes to these beautiful ladies…

1. Small Kucing

2. Kuchingnite

3. Ling In De House

4. Somewhere in Singapore

5. Wish I Were Stitching

6. Handmade by Hannah

7. Under Lock and Key 


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Wow! It has been ages since I received an award. Haha. Thanks in advance. Will do it when I am free.

    Now we learn something about you, beautiful mama. I love lip gloss too. Hardly use lipsticks but only on special occasion.

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