More from my mini garden

Assalamualaikum, and hello lovelies. 😘

Apart from displaying pictures of food, Amani and books… I love taking picture of my plants. I hope you don’t mind to see me bragging about my plants and giving names to them. Hehe. 

One morning I went outside to see my Japanese Rose are blooming so beautiful. What surprised me was the flowers have mix colours of pink and white. I didn’t expect to see the mix colour because I only planted on pink roses. These flowers really made my day. As usual, the little fairy must make sure that she took a picture with the flowers. 

Remember this cactus? I have a name for it already. This is Mitsui. Named it after my favourite character in Slam Dunk manga. lol! Mitsui was bought from Cameron Highlands. Remember? It was still so small before, and now had grown so bulky a d healthy. Looks very handsome. Lol! 

Till then, xoxo.


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