Thank you, kindly

Assalamualaikum, my dearest friends and readers… 


My colleague just came from vacation at Langkawi. She gave each of us a beautiful wooden keychain. Thank you, Jess for the souvenir. Hopefully, I will have a chance to go to Langkawi. ☺️ 


All the while since I started blogging, I still couldn’t believe that I have a silent reader. I mean really really a loyal silent reader. Not until I received a message on my facebook from Anezan. She told me she loves to read my blog and my writing somehow inspires her. Oh? I almost didn’t believe it at first and I am touched. I feel appreciated. Therefore I add her to be my friend on facebook. Starting from that day, we keep contact each other through FB messanger and via phone. I learned that she was talented in sewing, specialties in embroidery. 

There was one time she was asking for Amani’s measurement. She told me she wanted to make a Baju Kurung for Amani. And yesterday, I received a parcel from Lundu. When I opened it, there was a lovely Baju Kurung for Amani. It was unexpected! She didn’t mentioned to me when she would send the baju. Amani was very eager to try it on, and she loved it! She will wear it during Raya.


Dear Anezan, if you reading this post… I really really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope one day we will have a proper meetup (my weakness, I kinda shy person. hehe). And thank you (silent readers) for supporting me, reading my blog. Thank you, kindly. ☺️


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