Miss Independent

Assalamualaikum, how are you my lovely friends and readers? 

This photo reminds me of the day I sent Amani to a new kindy. That morning, she refused to go to school. Therefore my mother asked her to make a flower arrangements (which they liked to do it together) and persuaded her to bring the flowers. I had to lie to her. instead of telling her we were going to school, I told her we were going to visit her ‘Maknek’. Along the way to her school she was so excited and keep telling me that she would present the flower to Maknek. 

Her excitement washed off when we reached the kindy. I had to leave her crying and shouting my name. I told to myself “Sorry, dear.” When I entered the car, I was still holding the flower and I cried in silent. I asked myself, am I a cruel mother? She’s not even 4 years old (not until this October) and I had to force her to be independent. When I was 4, I clinged to my mother, I didn’t care about education, I didn’t thought that my mother would left me to strangers for almost the whole day. Never crossed in my mind that I would learn to be independent at such young age.

Hats off to the kids nowadays! They are stronger than us! This is the dilemma faced by us, the working mothers. Deep within our hearts, we couldn’t face it. It’s between the responsibility and being a mother. 

When Amani was in her old nursery, I discovered that she became too passive by days. Everyday must had drama scenes. She refused to take a shower and go to school. During the Teacher’s Day Gathering, I saw that my daughter again refused to take part in any activity. She had no friends and she looks so inactive. From that day on, I thought to myself that Amani needs a change. 

I surveyed for a better Kindy. I asked my sister, my friends for opinions. At last I found the right Kindy for her. So I talked to the principal and I was surprised when she asked me “Did she already know how to read?” I said No. And I feel a bit sad, from that moment I realised what my daughter had lacked behind. 

Two weeks of going to a new Kindy, as usual there were crying dramas. Including me. πŸ˜… She even refused to eat and take a shower in school. After discussing with DearDear, we came up with a plan to change her attitude. So we started a new routine for her on the first Ramadhan. It was a simple routine to dicipline her. Sleep early, wake up early, making the journey to school like an interesting activity. We even promised to reward her with her dream toys (Cooking set playdough) IF Only she want to go to school. (Without crying)

Alhamdulillah, it took only one week and she is now has change a lot. She’s looking forward for a new day to school, she speaks English sometimes (the Kindy is using English medium), she’s cheerful again, she have friends – at least she mentioned few names of her friends now… and the most impressive thing that we found out is that she can recites 3 Qul Surah from the Quran! Syukur… Now, I can send her just in front of the school gate. She didn’t cling to me anymore. One day, she didn’t bother to say Bye to me at all. πŸ˜‚ When I peeked from the car, I saw she was chatting with her teacher. πŸ˜„

I have a faith that Ramadhan is a blessing month. I thank Allah for listening to our prayers and blessing the efforts. 

If you’re asking whether her reward was fulfilled? Yes! That will be on my next post. πŸ˜†


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