Salam Aidilfitri 

Assalamualaikum, how are you my lovely readers and friends?

I’m sorry for beng in a silent mode during Hari Raya. It had been a pretty busy weekend for me. Like previous years, I didn’t held any ‘open house’ because we’re still staying with my parent. We surely didn’t want to bother my parents privacy. Insya Allah, when we have our own house, I’ll make sure to invitemy friends and families for a Raya Open House. ☺️

Sadly, we even didn’t have a proper family picture taken this Raya. We were so busy going here and there (visiting my parent in law and DearDear’s grandmother house). If we are not visiting, we would only stayed home which was preferable since the weather was so so hot. 

I did not baked any cake for this year. All cakes were given by my sisters and my aunts & uncles. I only baked Famous Amous cookies and the rest I just ordered it. Including this cutie mini macarons. Seems like you can get anything from your fingertips. I ordered this macarons from online. #KayZKitchen 

That’s all, some wrap up of my Raya celebration. Soon I will post about my reunion with my long lost high school besties. 



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