I really really really like you

Assalamualaikum, how have you been my dear friends and readers?


My best friend Edzy, came from Bintulu that day. She told me when she went to their aunt’s house for visiting she spotted there were full of grown cactuses in the garden. The aunt gave her so many ‘baby’ cactuses and then Edzy gave some of them to me. I was like 😍 jumping in the air when I saw the babies. Without hesitation I took them and planted it everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Lol!


Please grow up well and beautiful cactis. Looks like I am now irresistible to cactus and succulent. Whenever I saw any kind of this plant, I must have one for collection. I could spend few hours with them and they’re does makes me happy and calm. 

What about you? Do you feel calm whenever you’re closer at plants?


6 thoughts on “I really really really like you

  1. My missus just planted some of these too – got from her sister in law…but tanam got, jaga…another story. Let’s see how long they will last – she said no need any attention one. 😦

  2. am waiting to see what flower will bloom from the cactus. Love cactus flower but not the duri. LOL.

    By the way. the green leaves at the pot. Friend told me it’s a kind of herb. what is it call and for what ya?

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