Weekend activities

Assalamualaikum, hello lovely readers and friends. 

Last weekend, Amani was doodling on her book. She told me a story, a ghost story based on the drawing. She was influenced by the local cartoon, that she just watched the day before. She can draw a stick man, which is quite an improvement! 

At night, she saw me sewing and she insisted to sew for herself. I just let her playing around with the needle and threads. Although the stitch wasn’t perfect, she is now knew the basic on how to stitch. Hopefully we can team up for making bigger cross stitch one day. πŸ˜†

Selfood 11 : The Chunkcut Kopitiam


This is the first time I’ve tried eating in this shop. The name caught my interest. I love to pronounce it as ‘Changcut’ hahaha. Well, when we entered the shop, I asked the waiter what is the special menu in here. Sadly, the guy said he also didn’t have any idea. Hmm… I didn’t expect the answer and that would give bad impression to the shop. 

Therefore I ordered Sarawak Laksa. It did looks good but somehow the broth is too ‘cair’. Thanks to the waiter for not helping me to choose their specialty. My friend ordered Nasi Lemak, and she said it tasted so good. 

It’s fine by me. Perhaps the first time isn’t always nice. Haha. We’re planning to go to this shop again and try their special menus. 

The Book of Flower

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone.

Amani loves picking flowers. Her Nek Mak taught her to collect the flower and put them inside a jar. I somehow found that was a creative way to display the art of flower. 


Before it turns yellow, I taught Amani to make a flower scrap book. We called it Book of Flower. Just keep them inside the book and name the flower. Some of them I still have no idea of the id. hehe. 

Everytime we saw flower, we would picked them and store inside the book. Amani loves doing this activity. 

And here’s the result after keeping them for a few days. The dried flowers still look good. The texture is like an art. 

Where did I get the idea of making flower scrap book? It was from The Hunger Games book series. By collecting plants and flowers stored it in a book. This is somehow a therapy for Katnis.

Bitter gourd, bitter gourd

Assalamualaikum, happy weekend lovelies!

While I was capturing nature beauties at the backyard, I saw my mother’s bitter gourd plant have fruits. This time it is a normal bitter gourd. Previously, my mother planted mini gourd soecies which was more bitter than this.

I was so itchy to pluck them but my mother told me to wait for another 2 or 3 days. Muhuhu. I always find that bitter gourd is a peculiar plant. With it’s texture and the bitter taste. However, I still can take it. I love fried bitter gourd with spices. Something you can find at Indian restaurant. During confinement last time, this is the only veggie that I consumed. Lol! Still, I never hate it. 😁

Nature beauty

Assalamualaikum, howdy everyone?

Currently I am so addicted into capturing the ‘nature beauty’. I would go outside and start taking photos of the plants. Remember to shoot at a perfect angle. You will be mesmerised with the result. Like the photo above, it was my mother’s bitter gourd plant. It turned out to look like a plant arch. 

These are only weeds for certain people. However, I’m imagining it like a daisies carpet. I would love to lie down on them… 

So we picked the flowers and start capturing them. This is my favourite shot. Lovely!! 🌼🌼🌼 Luckily I have a free model to work with. hehe. 

And not forgetting my colourful pansies. From purple, to fuschia and the latest is pink pansy. Anyone knows how to get seeds from this flower? I’ve tried to dry the flower and in the end, I couldn’t get the seeds. Lol! Any sifus can help me?

How I got the names for my plants.

Assalamualaikum, hello friends and readers.

Most of you already knows that I love to give names to my cactis and succulents. Where did I get the idea of the names? Well, some of them were from my favourite characters. Some just pop up into my mind. 

1. Sayuri – If you remember the story of a Geisha with blue eyes, that’s Sayuri. I love the character, from Memoirs of a Geisha. When I look at the succulent, it reminds me of Sayuri. She’s innocent and vulnerable. 

2. Lara Jean – I brought this succulent all the way from Cameron Highlands. It was a year ago. It almost died, however I managed to save it. Not until I’ve read  ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ I really adored the main character from that book, Lara Jean Covey. So I name it after her. 

3. Rilo – Name it after my favourite band Rilo Kiley. Rilo has so many sprouts now. I will update on it’s new look soon. 


4. Ruby – Obviously, it is so RED as Ruby. 

5. Mitsui – From a character of anime/manga Slam Dunk, Hishashi Mitsui. It looks like his hair. Ahaha. Another cacti brought from Cameron Highlands. 

6. Renji – The spikey head reminds me of Abarai Renji of Bleach character. It looks like a warrior, like Renji itself. hehe. 

7. Kenpachi – Another favourite character of Bleach, I got it’s name after Zaraki Kenpachi. Another warrior? 

8. Kifu – My froggy grasshead. Kifu? Kifu stands for Keith Foo. My favourite actor. Enough said. Lol! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Long live, Ruby

Assalamualaikum, happy weekend friends and readers.

Few weeks ago I thought Ruby is dying. The colour on top of her gone faded until lastly it gone black. When I read from the internet, they said the cacti might be infected. So I cut the top of it. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I want to save her. 


It looks quirky but still living healthily. I discovered another sprout at the end of the new sprout. Now I’m not sure what to do with this cacti. Whether to cut the new sprout or leave it like that. Poor Ruby…. 

Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri 2015

Assalamualaikum, good morning lovely friends and readers. 

Last Wednesday, Amani’s kindy had a Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri. As usual, childrens were encouraged to bring potluck. I have prepared biscuits and maruku, and baked some muffins for them. I decided to bake some cookies, but I was so tired that day and I guess I have to postpone baking cookies this weekend. Amani would love to help me baking. ☺️

On the shelf (August 2015)

Assalamualaikum, hiya friends and readers!


 Last night I took a shelfie with my ‘drugs’ collection. How I hate the double stack books on the shelf. It looks messy, stuffy and too crowded! That would because of the shelf isn’t suitable for displaying books. I’m looking for a real bookshelf, preferably in white colour and has enough space for my books. Lol! πŸ˜†


This is the problem with book addicts. Their books are everywhere. I have another mini book stack in my bedroom. Precisely, my current read books. How do you like my book end? I really really really love it! 🐸


Assalamualaikum, hello my friends and readers…


At first glance, it looks scary, right? I remember watching one Japanese Drama where this doll was a trademark for the couple. It’s called Teruterubozu in Japan. Well, we got this doll after signing a petition for “No Plastic Bag Day” recently held by some local university students at City One Shopping Mall. After signed in, we got to choose one doll made from plastic bag. Amani chose the Princess Doll. Very creative. 


After that we went to the next wing of the mall and looking for Queen’s Supermarket. I was surprised to see the hall was empty. What happened? 

Amani took a picture with the Smurfs members. At first she refused to take a picture alone, she dragged me with her. I had to hide somewhere, so that it looks like only her taking picture with The Smurfs. Now, can you spot me? πŸ˜†