Mosaic Paper Craft

Assalamualaikum, how are you my lovely friends and readers. 


Ta-da! I bought this paper craft (mosaic phzzle game for kids) at Mr. DIY store. Amani was so eager to do it, and we did it together. It was so much fun doing this craft activity with her. Addictive too. 😆  


Yesterday we went again to look for another pattern. Sadly, there were only the crocodile pattern left. I just bought it and guess who was helping me to do the craft project? My cousin. Lol! Amani lost interest doing it because she dislike the cartoon, I guess. 
Looking at this craft, it reminds me that I am actually missing unfinished cross stitch project. Adoi la… 😅


3 thoughts on “Mosaic Paper Craft

  1. Now you reminded me of my unfinished cross stitch. Been left for so long now lost interest. Wonder when would I finish and frame it. Only left few %….

    I have not gone to Mr DIY to check this out. Nice game for young kids.

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