Assalamualaikum, hello my friends and readers…


At first glance, it looks scary, right? I remember watching one Japanese Drama where this doll was a trademark for the couple. It’s called Teruterubozu in Japan. Well, we got this doll after signing a petition for “No Plastic Bag Day” recently held by some local university students at City One Shopping Mall. After signed in, we got to choose one doll made from plastic bag. Amani chose the Princess Doll. Very creative. 


After that we went to the next wing of the mall and looking for Queen’s Supermarket. I was surprised to see the hall was empty. What happened? 

Amani took a picture with the Smurfs members. At first she refused to take a picture alone, she dragged me with her. I had to hide somewhere, so that it looks like only her taking picture with The Smurfs. Now, can you spot me? 😆


10 thoughts on “Teruterubozu… 

  1. The doll does look creepy lah. Hehe. I am surprised Amani is not afraid of it.

    The other wing of CityOne was pretty empty and secluded if not because of Queen’s. I have not really gone inside Queen. I remember one floor is like a storeroom for all those movie stands. The kids took their shot of Frozen there early this year. Lol.

  2. Azurachan… linda pn pernah tgk drama jepun tu yg pasal teruterubozu jd trademark couple tu.. & diorg selalu ungkapkan Once in a blue moon. & lagu dia pakai lagu MJ masa dia join jackson 5 tu kan.. tp tajuk citer tu Linda lupa.. citer dia pn sedih pasal komposer lagu or something mcmtu… nak tgk drama tu balik… wuwuwuw

    • Yes yes. Cita tu la.., Time tu watak pompuan jahat tu Norika Fujiwara. Lupa dah nama hero ngan heroin die. Best kan. diorang contact pakai email je,

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