How I got the names for my plants.

Assalamualaikum, hello friends and readers.

Most of you already knows that I love to give names to my cactis and succulents. Where did I get the idea of the names? Well, some of them were from my favourite characters. Some just pop up into my mind. 

1. Sayuri – If you remember the story of a Geisha with blue eyes, that’s Sayuri. I love the character, from Memoirs of a Geisha. When I look at the succulent, it reminds me of Sayuri. She’s innocent and vulnerable. 

2. Lara Jean – I brought this succulent all the way from Cameron Highlands. It was a year ago. It almost died, however I managed to save it. Not until I’ve read  ‘To all the boys I’ve loved before’ I really adored the main character from that book, Lara Jean Covey. So I name it after her. 

3. Rilo – Name it after my favourite band Rilo Kiley. Rilo has so many sprouts now. I will update on it’s new look soon. 


4. Ruby – Obviously, it is so RED as Ruby. 

5. Mitsui – From a character of anime/manga Slam Dunk, Hishashi Mitsui. It looks like his hair. Ahaha. Another cacti brought from Cameron Highlands. 

6. Renji – The spikey head reminds me of Abarai Renji of Bleach character. It looks like a warrior, like Renji itself. hehe. 

7. Kenpachi – Another favourite character of Bleach, I got it’s name after Zaraki Kenpachi. Another warrior? 

8. Kifu – My froggy grasshead. Kifu? Kifu stands for Keith Foo. My favourite actor. Enough said. Lol! 😆😆

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