Nature beauty

Assalamualaikum, howdy everyone?

Currently I am so addicted into capturing the ‘nature beauty’. I would go outside and start taking photos of the plants. Remember to shoot at a perfect angle. You will be mesmerised with the result. Like the photo above, it was my mother’s bitter gourd plant. It turned out to look like a plant arch. 

These are only weeds for certain people. However, I’m imagining it like a daisies carpet. I would love to lie down on them… 

So we picked the flowers and start capturing them. This is my favourite shot. Lovely!! 🌼🌼🌼 Luckily I have a free model to work with. hehe. 

And not forgetting my colourful pansies. From purple, to fuschia and the latest is pink pansy. Anyone knows how to get seeds from this flower? I’ve tried to dry the flower and in the end, I couldn’t get the seeds. Lol! Any sifus can help me?

5 thoughts on “Nature beauty

  1. So beautiful. I love all your photos. I love capturing nature too but have not been so successful. Maybe I would try with my digital camera. Phone camera is not smart to take nature shots. ^^

    Btw, I have an award and tag for you in my post today. ^^

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