The Book of Flower

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone.

Amani loves picking flowers. Her Nek Mak taught her to collect the flower and put them inside a jar. I somehow found that was a creative way to display the art of flower. 


Before it turns yellow, I taught Amani to make a flower scrap book. We called it Book of Flower. Just keep them inside the book and name the flower. Some of them I still have no idea of the id. hehe. 

Everytime we saw flower, we would picked them and store inside the book. Amani loves doing this activity. 

And here’s the result after keeping them for a few days. The dried flowers still look good. The texture is like an art. 

Where did I get the idea of making flower scrap book? It was from The Hunger Games book series. By collecting plants and flowers stored it in a book. This is somehow a therapy for Katnis.


3 thoughts on “The Book of Flower

  1. They will not dry up, wither…or rot. I put an orchid in between the pages of my Oxford dictionary and to this day, there is a brown stain somewhere in the middle pages. 😦

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