Selfood 11 : The Chunkcut Kopitiam


This is the first time I’ve tried eating in this shop. The name caught my interest. I love to pronounce it as ‘Changcut’ hahaha. Well, when we entered the shop, I asked the waiter what is the special menu in here. Sadly, the guy said he also didn’t have any idea. Hmm… I didn’t expect the answer and that would give bad impression to the shop. 

Therefore I ordered Sarawak Laksa. It did looks good but somehow the broth is too ‘cair’. Thanks to the waiter for not helping me to choose their specialty. My friend ordered Nasi Lemak, and she said it tasted so good. 

It’s fine by me. Perhaps the first time isn’t always nice. Haha. We’re planning to go to this shop again and try their special menus. 

2 thoughts on “Selfood 11 : The Chunkcut Kopitiam

  1. That is bad. Not well-trained waiters can bring business down and give bad impression and experience. I agreed that the laksa look too diluted. Er, no photo of your friend’s nasi lemak? Hehe.

    Btw where is this place?? The name does look fancy and when I first see it, it reminded me of Ipohtown with its similar colour. Lol.

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