Weekend activities

Assalamualaikum, hello lovely readers and friends. 

Last weekend, Amani was doodling on her book. She told me a story, a ghost story based on the drawing. She was influenced by the local cartoon, that she just watched the day before. She can draw a stick man, which is quite an improvement! 

At night, she saw me sewing and she insisted to sew for herself. I just let her playing around with the needle and threads. Although the stitch wasn’t perfect, she is now knew the basic on how to stitch. Hopefully we can team up for making bigger cross stitch one day. πŸ˜†

8 thoughts on “Weekend activities

  1. Oooo…pandainya! Can do cross-stitch. Ask me to do, ok lah…just do not look at the other side. Hehehehehe!!!!
    Good, let her learn! Brings to mind this very nice Thai commercial:

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