Colouring App

Assalamualaikuum, how are you my lovely friends and readers?


From my instagram account, I have uploaded this picture. Can you believe it was picture coloured by Amani? As I was browsing my ipad, I saw this picture from the Colourfy Library. She really impressed me. 


If you are wondering, what application was that? It is Colourfy app, for adult colouring book. Yes, you can do colouring on your phone, ipad or tablet. I have installed this application into my handphone and ipad. Sometimes, this app can distract Amani from ‘tailing’ me while I’m doing my house chores. Lol! And the first picture is the result!


I get to spend my free time colouring too. This is my imagination of Kingdom of Illea (from the Selection Series). πŸ˜† There’s another app similar like this, Momi Colouring. You can try these colouring apps. 

Miniature Cactus Garden

Assalamualaikum, my lovely friends and readers…

Do you love miniatures? I do! One of the member of The Craft Project is so talented in making miniatures using air dry clay. So I requested one miniature cactus garden, based on the Terranium concept. 

She made it so fast. After few days of request, she had presented to me the  end result. I’m so mesmerised with the result. It’s so cute! 

If you are interested to request or buy crafty miniatures of air dry clay, you can follow this talented girl at @craftyfiez on the Instagram. πŸ˜‰

Cactus – Playdough

Assalamualaikum…. happy weekend my dear friends and readers!

Yesterday, I was surprised when Amani presented to me her sculptured cactuses from playdough. I feel so special. 😍 Thank you, Amani! 


I bet she knew that her Mama really obsessed with cactus. That inspired her to make cactuses for me. Lol! So I decorated the cactuses with some fancy stones. Looks like a cactus garden now. 🌡🌡

Adult Colouring Book

Assalamualaikum, how are you my lovely friends and readers?


I love colouring.  This my colouring book. Yes, an adult colouring book. You must thought it was for Amani, right? Hehe. Thanks to Kak Ross for sharing these pictures from the internet. I printed them and bind as a book. 

So I started colouring, at night….. after put Amani into bed. Haha. It’s my secret, well for now. πŸ™Š 

Ta-da! Took about one month to complete colouring this page. I wonder how much time I will need to complete one book. More pages to colour! πŸ˜†

Crocheting (Lesson 1)

Assalamualaikum, how are you lovelies?

It is never too late to learn on a new thing. I just started my crochet lesson  with my (left handed) friend. Before this, I only knew how to make flowers using a flower loom. Hopefully I can improve my own crocheting skill one day. 

Now. My crochet goals be like. 😍

Propagating Succulents

Assalamualaikum, happy Monday everyone!


Few weeks ago I discovered that my experiment of propagating succulents was successful! Congratz to myself! πŸ˜† With some readings, trial and errors, finally I saw the leaves were propagating. It took about few weeks to see the ‘junior’ succulent to grow. 

Among all the leaves that I tried to propagate, only few were sprouting. So I transfered the juniors into the new pots. Small pots are suitable. This is for temporary place for them.


Say hello to Lara Jean Juniors. ☺️