Selfood #13 : Kenny Rogers Roasters

Assalamualaikum, how are you my friends and readers?


What are your favourite 3 side dishes for this plate at Kenny Rogers Roasters? Well, I would go for salad, mashed potato and fruits. Sometimes I would change the mashed potato with pasta. 😋


And we love the muffins!! There are many flavours now, instead of two flavours before. However, my top choice is still Vanilla flavour. This pic was taken during our ‘Girls outing’ last month. Lol! Mind you, it’s not easy to bring that little drama queen for an outing. Luckily my cousin can bear the challenge. haha. Amani keep asking when will be our next outing together. 😅


Once on having lunch/dinner, I have to keep Amani busied with things; toys or colouring books. Otherwise she would get bored easily and throws tantrum. Haish.. That day, I bought her playdough and she attempted to make a colourful layered cake… with candles! Doesn’t look like a perfect sculpture but I adored her imagination and creativity. ☺️


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