Selfood #14 : The (new) Food Gallery Tun Jugah

Assalamualaikum, happy weekend everyone!


During fasting month, I decided to have an iftar at The Food Gallery (TJ Food Court). However, we found that the place was under renovation. So I went here again early of this month and found out the place was totally a makeover. From the entrance you would found these old bowls were displayed on the wall. After snaping on the picture of the bowls, then I realised there was an arrow on the display. 😂😂


I don’t know what are the concept of the food court now. Looks like more to a chilling place rather than a lunch place. It still looks funky though. Kind of like the environment. 


As usual, I would go for this dish Sesame + Butter Chicken Rice. I was glad to see that this stall was still operating at the food court. Enjoy! 🍴


6 thoughts on “Selfood #14 : The (new) Food Gallery Tun Jugah

  1. Wahhhh!!!! Looks nice. I loved that place, used to go quite frequently – last time, whenever we went to Kuching, we used to stay at Holiday Inn. Now cannot afford lah… 😦

  2. Now they served alcohol? Gosh. Does sound like a place to chill out than before. It does look brighter and better than those old dark coloured tables and chairs.

    Used to eat there a lot when worked there. The food court is under a subsidiary company so we patronize it as a support. Long eon time did not dine there.

  3. Hi Azura Chan
    I am Sam from The Food Gallery (TFG). It is our pleasure to have you here with us. FYI, TFG is a halal and non-alcoholic food court. Perhaps, you are refering to our Juice Bar Menu, the Mocktail? Mocktail is a non-alcoholic drinks consisting of a mixture of fruits juices and soft drinks.
    Appreciate if you could share more with me.

    • Hi. Thank you for your explanation. I really appreciate that. Yes, I saw alcohol drinks didplayed at the Juice Bar. I’m sorry if I was wrong and miss look at it. Thank you again for enlighten the food court status. ☺️

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