Adult Colouring Book

Assalamualaikum, how are you my lovely friends and readers?


I love colouring.  This my colouring book. Yes, an adult colouring book. You must thought it was for Amani, right? Hehe. Thanks to Kak Ross for sharing these pictures from the internet. I printed them and bind as a book. 

So I started colouring, at night….. after put Amani into bed. Haha. It’s my secret, well for now. πŸ™Š 

Ta-da! Took about one month to complete colouring this page. I wonder how much time I will need to complete one book. More pages to colour! πŸ˜†

6 thoughts on “Adult Colouring Book

  1. this type of hobby becoming a trend thesedays… hehe kat Korea nang gemer… kmk da nemu buku coloring korea tok together with color pencils which cost around RM45-RM55 kat wisma sanyan…

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