Colouring App

Assalamualaikuum, how are you my lovely friends and readers?


From my instagram account, I have uploaded this picture. Can you believe it was picture coloured by Amani? As I was browsing my ipad, I saw this picture from the Colourfy Library. She really impressed me. 


If you are wondering, what application was that? It is Colourfy app, for adult colouring book. Yes, you can do colouring on your phone, ipad or tablet. I have installed this application into my handphone and ipad. Sometimes, this app can distract Amani from ‘tailing’ me while I’m doing my house chores. Lol! And the first picture is the result!


I get to spend my free time colouring too. This is my imagination of Kingdom of Illea (from the Selection Series). 😆 There’s another app similar like this, Momi Colouring. You can try these colouring apps. 


7 thoughts on “Colouring App

  1. Dont think I have time and patience to colour the sketches! It is an in-thing now, so many people taking it as hobby.

    Nice colouring by Amani. At least something to distract her and keep her occupied.

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