Happy Posto (Oct.2015)

Assalamualaikum, good evening everyone. 

Yeay! I just registered myself into this postcrossing website. It’s a swap postcards website. Their concept is like thier taglines β€œsend a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world!”

That’s it! Simple as that. I have sent two postcards and received two postcards. On top card is a postcard from Katya of Ukraine. The distance travel is 9,030km to my home. 

Another card is from Irene of Denmark. The distance travel is 10, 689km. Both cards were lovely. More cards collection after this. πŸ˜ƒ

Colour it away

Assalamualaikum, how are you my friends and readers?


Bet you all know that my free times would be spent by colouring books. Normally I was quite choosy what I want to colour. Depending on the moods too, I didn’t choose random pictures. Like the picture above, I chose it because I love Fairy Tales, Rapunzel. Instead of colouring the golden hair, I chose another version of Rapunzel. Yeah, with pink hair. 😅


And I always dreaming of having a fancy cute car. With a pastel green colour. That’s what I call very stylish. Lol!


No more hiding the book and colour pensils. We are now sharing the same hobby. I guess you know where to find us during weekends. We will just colour it away! :mrgreen:

Birthday Month

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


It’s birthday month for DearDear, Amani, my nephew Emir and my mother in law today. Few of my friends also celebrating birthday this month. Happy Birthday lovelies!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Amani and Emir birthday at the beach. I chose Frozen cake for her, and it was her wish to have the cake for her birthday.


The kids surely had fun spending their times together in the pool. Amani wasn’t afraid of getting inside the water anymore. Yeay!


On her birthday date, I took an off day to bring her to a clinic for yearly checkup. After that, we went to the Cloud 99 Ice Cream Cafe. That was a treat for her. An ice-cream!

Happy Birthday, Dear Dear!

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


Yesterday was DearDear’s  birthday. We haven’t celebrate it properly. Perhaps, we would wait for Amani’s birthday which is next week. Yup, they’re sharing the same birthday month. πŸ˜„ 

How do you find the miniature Koi Pond? I fell in love for instance. It’s from the same design of Miniature Cactus Garden. I requested a fish pond for DearDear’s birthday gift. It was the first time @craftyfiez making it. It turn out so beautiful!! She’s such a talented crafter. I hope she can go far with her talents. 


When I woke up yesterday, I felt dizzy. I couldn’t got up, in the end I took an off day. Amani also didn’t go to school because I was too weak to get her up and prepared her to school. Sigh~ Feeling so helpless. 

After a few hours nap, I gained some energy. I went outside and without hessitant this was what I did. Repotting my plants. πŸ˜… Amani also joining to do gardening. She had decorated some new flower pots. 

Tada! DearDear had upcycled the plastic bottles into flower pots. He even sprayed the bottles into white to make them look likes new. Then Amani deco each of them with washi tapes and stick the sticky notes. 

Gardening is somekind of a therapy for me. After sweating a lot, I feel much better than before. 

#tbt Polly Pocket

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


Looks familiar? Every 90s kid must have known this toy. This is my favourite Polly Pocket. I’ve been keeping this toy for over than 20 years. I got it from my Uncle. Back at that time, this toy was so expensive. Not many kids can afford to have it. I was lucky, when my uncle let me chose any toy from the toy section. It was inside the first Parkson building in Kuching back then. Without second thought I chose The Hair Salon, Polly Pocket. And I still remember my sister told me to put it back, and choose other toy which cost less expensive than that. Luckily my unlce found out that we argued, he said ‘never mind’ and here it is…. my vintage toy. πŸ˜†


I only let Amani play with it once awhile. Not ready to give it to her yet. Not until she is at least 7 years old. That was my age when I had Polly Pocket. 😊 Anyway, thanks Uncle Nor Eagles, for the toy. It is something that reminded me of your kindness.