Happy Birthday, Dear Dear!

Assalamualaikum, hello lovelies!


Yesterday was DearDear’s  birthday. We haven’t celebrate it properly. Perhaps, we would wait for Amani’s birthday which is next week. Yup, they’re sharing the same birthday month. πŸ˜„ 

How do you find the miniature Koi Pond? I fell in love for instance. It’s from the same design of Miniature Cactus Garden. I requested a fish pond for DearDear’s birthday gift. It was the first time @craftyfiez making it. It turn out so beautiful!! She’s such a talented crafter. I hope she can go far with her talents. 


When I woke up yesterday, I felt dizzy. I couldn’t got up, in the end I took an off day. Amani also didn’t go to school because I was too weak to get her up and prepared her to school. Sigh~ Feeling so helpless. 

After a few hours nap, I gained some energy. I went outside and without hessitant this was what I did. Repotting my plants. πŸ˜… Amani also joining to do gardening. She had decorated some new flower pots. 

Tada! DearDear had upcycled the plastic bottles into flower pots. He even sprayed the bottles into white to make them look likes new. Then Amani deco each of them with washi tapes and stick the sticky notes. 

Gardening is somekind of a therapy for me. After sweating a lot, I feel much better than before. 


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