Colour it away

Assalamualaikum, how are you my friends and readers?


Bet you all know that my free times would be spent by colouring books. Normally I was quite choosy what I want to colour. Depending on the moods too, I didn’t choose random pictures. Like the picture above, I chose it because I love Fairy Tales, Rapunzel. Instead of colouring the golden hair, I chose another version of Rapunzel. Yeah, with pink hair. 😅


And I always dreaming of having a fancy cute car. With a pastel green colour. That’s what I call very stylish. Lol!


No more hiding the book and colour pensils. We are now sharing the same hobby. I guess you know where to find us during weekends. We will just colour it away! :mrgreen:

6 thoughts on “Colour it away

  1. I bought a book for my girl this week. She only can colour when school holiday started. Hehe.

    Good girl, Amani. Something to keep her busy.

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