Nature Beauties

Happy new year! Sorry for my long silent. Not sure what’s my problem. Been into writer’s block lately.

I have added some new collection into my green gallery. Let me serve your eyes with the nature beauties that I have captured.


These are Tenma (my new cacti), Renji (spiky cacti) & my two ‘minions’. I only got a chance to watch Tenma blooms today. Cute isn’t it?


Pink Torenias. Didn’t know where does the pink seeds came from because I only have purple torenias.


Id please. This is some wildflowers that I picked and made them into flower arrangement.


Got this rose from my friend. I remember that day we were swapping flowers before went to work. 😂

5 thoughts on “Nature Beauties

  1. So so colourful and beautiful post today. Make my day. 🙂

    People said cactus flower brings good luck. You know, hard to get cactus to bloom flower so it is rare.

    Love your flower arrangement. Look like some kind of purple lilies.

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