Mitsui Flower

Assalamualaikum. Happy weekend everyone!

Some people told me that when your cactus flower is blooming, it brings to you a good luck.


If you remember Mitsui, my aloe vera cactus. Since I transfered it into a bigger place I saw that it grew bigger and bigger. And then there comes the ‘aerial’ with few long buds. I knew it would produce some flowers. Nothing could describe my feeling that time. Everyday I would visit Mitsui just to check out whether the flower is blooming yet. I was so curious how the flower would look like.


Yes. Waiting can be so torturing. After waiting for about 2 weeks it started to bloom. Each bud takes turn to bloom everyday. How lovely! 💖


(picture above : Kifu with thorn head 😂)

That was my greatest avhievement in cactus planting so far. 😂 I could still remember my first cactus was died because of too much watering. From that experienced, I have made some reading on cactuses and succulents. And my collections are getting more and more… 😁


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