Selfood #15: Aek Kupi

Assalamualaikum everyone! How are you doing?


 (photo credit: Aek Kupi instagram) 

Finally, I have joined the local crazziness at the moment. Aek Kupi, the name of this local hipster beverage. In some local dialects, Aek Kupi means Coffee drink. As you know, I am not a coffee lover (unless it is served cold or with ice) but when I saw this drink have been so popular in Kuching, so I went to try. 

(photo credit: Aek Kupi instagram)

Located near Masjid At-Taqwa, Gita, this stall operated from 2pm until 6pm everyday except on Tuesday. The first time I went to try, it was around 5pm and the drink already sold out. 

(photo credit : Aek Kupi instagram) 

I went to try my luck again last weekend. I came earlier, around 2.30 pm and I saw the queue already long. I guessed I was the 10th to 15th customer at that time. When I went to pick-up point, the people queing to order have reached  until the main road. There were many flavours so I chose two Cappucino and one Vanilla Chocolate (new flavour). 
Tada!! My Vanilla Chocolate. I’m not a coffee lover, so I don’t know how to judge the taste. I can only taste the vanilla and chocolate. It was okay and can you guess how much is the price for this big cup? It only cost RM6! 


Yeay, got smiley face. 🙃 I was about to ask them to write Azura Chan on that cup but I changed my mind. Malu… wahaha. And my tummy was full that day. Alhamdulillah…  

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