2016, Me Birthday

Assalamualaikum lovelies.

15th February, 2016… it was my xxth birthday. Hehe. Guess my number for this year? Perhaps you will win some gift from me. Thanks to all the wishes and pray on my birthday.
From the picture above, you could see little me was having the third birthday together with my mother, my sister and my eldest brother. I was the youngest at that time. My mother never missed to celebrate our birthdays. She would baked a cake and fried chicken was a must have dish.
I was told that on the day I was born, my mother had to drive herself to the hospital because my father was outstation in Japan. I could not imagine how strong and brave my mother was that time. Gave birth without a husband by her side, it must be very hard for her. But she never complaint. I am very proud of my mother.I really adore her. My father only learned about my born by receiving a telegram sent by my late grandfather, which was a month later.

I did not have a proper celebration that day. I went home and bought two slices of cakes for me and my mother.  Including Amani, we blow the candle together.

Many thanks to my friends and my brother for those gifts. You guys really made my day. 😘

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