Arigato minna san!


I know it’s already March. My birthday have passed. But I still want to thanks to these sweet people who gave me the birthday present this year. 

Thanks to my sister for choosing the white colour… I love whitee. And I can’t wait to decorate with this beautiful stuff.
Thank you Lina for the beautiful bracelet…  Love the colour and the black beads. 

I know what you’re thinking. That I am no longer a five years old girl. bahaha. All I can say, those were the most cute gift I’ve received this year’s birthday. Really love the froggy keychain, amd the Duck shirt. Thank you Ama. 😘

Another froggy added to my collection! The blue sado froggy and Love tree were from Jojie. Thank you!! 

Arigato minna san!! 

Paperclip Bookmark


I love bookmarks. I lost count on my bookmark collection. Still, it won’t stop me for making my own bookmarks. I learned the idea from Pinterest. Here are what you need : 

  1. Paper Clip
  2. Fancy Paper
  3. Glue 
  4. Sticker, Button, Ribbon, Lace, Deco Tape 

Cut into rectangle shape, fold into one and glue it together at the paper clip. Finish? Not yet…

Here comes the fun part. Deco them with buttons, laces, ribbons, tapes or stickers… Amani did helped me some. Simple as that. I bet you are wondering why making so many of them. Yeah, I’m selling the bookmarks. 😊

And…. this is my most favourite. Love the greeny floral pattern and the green snail. 🐌🐌🐌 This bookmark suits to a slow reader like me. 😂

How Time Flies

Assalamualaikum dunia!

This little girl is no more like a baby by day. She would dressed up herself like an adult.She would chose her own scarf, handbag and look at her sandal… her own choice. 😅 Sometimes, when we were planning to go out, we had to wait her makeup herself in front of the mirror. Adeh… 

One day, she helped me preparing breakfast. She sliced the sandwich by herself and put it into a container. When we arrived at her school, she passed the sandwich to me. She told me it was for me. 😭 I was touched… I can feel that my baby is growing up and that means I will miss her dependent moment soon by now. How time flies….

Selfood #18 : Hourglass Cafe

Assalamualaikum. Happy Weekend everyone!


Last two weeks I had a birthday treats from my girls at Hourglass Cafe.  Saw the food review from Abg Fadli (Mytravellicious) at first, and it brought us here.


Located at the front side of Hilton Hotel lobby, the place was a small but cozy. Love the decorations on the wall, the background and the table arrangement.


Customers can play PS, board games or even singing there. The staffs are friendly and helpful.


As usual, I ordered my favourite menu – Nasi Ayam Penyet. I love the soft and juicy tempes. The chicken was a bit hard to chew but still ok for me. That’s not their specialty in here.


Their specialties are the Cotton Candy drink (Coffee or Choco) and Bakso. If you can zoom in from the picture, the drink cost RM12 per glass. Wow! Unfortunately, the machine was out of service that day. Huhu.


Jojie surprised me by buying this cake. I have no idea of the name of the cake. What I know, it taste super delicious! It tasted like Oreo (obviously there was Oreos on top of the slice), chocolate and red velvet (maybe). All I could say that was my super yummy birthday cake so far. hehe.


And also I ordered Chamomile Tea that day. When I saw the price was RM5, I thought it was really pricey. Not until they served the drink, I think I can share the drink for two person.


Come again? Insha Allah… to try out other menus and maybe I will bring Amani here.

Selfood #17 : Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant


On the Chap Goh Meh day, my boss invited us to have an office lunch at Bangkok Thai Seafood Restaurant. It was my first time trying this restaurant. I only managed to capture the pictures of the first course. Love the Pandan Chicken. 

Some food were too hot for me. I ran straightly to the loo when we went back to the office. Some of the colleagues at the same table. The man in white shirt is going to retire this month. Yeah, we are going to miss him after this. 

 After lunch, we had a quick group photo with Madam Livan (our boss’s wife). Overall, love the food and environment.